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A Mind/Body Experience for Women


connect with your intuitive nature

Treat yourself to a weekend of healing movement, affirmation and connection.

in-her-ent wisdom

In childhood years, we played freely, ate without a care, pursued what gave us joy. 


As our bodies changed, developed and grew, confidence in our abilities and appearance took some hits. What was it that made us abandon our buoyant younger selves? Where did our inner knowing and self-love go? When did we first become aware of and begin to internalize the narrative that we are defined (and judged!) by our bodies and other dated views of the “ideal” woman? 

Here’s the thing:

YOU are already YOUR ideal woman. 


It’s not about how other people think you should move or eat or think. Being your ideal self is about listening to your OWN self about how your body moves, what foods and portions your body is asking for, and what fills you with purpose and joy. You hold the wisdom of all the generations of women before you in your DNA. 

Begin your personalized journey back to your intuitive self. Join us at the living in-HER-ently retreat to reconnect to your embodied intelligence. 

retreat elements



develop your internal wisdom about eating and body liberation based on Intuitive Eating principles


build awareness of your body's natural abilities through breathing and movement yoga workshops


align in relationship to the fullest expression of your authentic self through embodied intelligence 

evolving in-her-ent self

In addition to the weekend's activities and events, you will receive a living in-HER-ently notebook full of guided activities and additional resources to support you in your continuing journey. 

retreat leaders

What do you get when you replace happily-ever-after fairy tale endings with ongoing stories built around strong female characters? Women who are passionate about the in-HER-ent strength, power, and beauty of the feminine nature.

Your retreat leaders are a mother/daughters trio who are invested in helping women live their own stories built on a foundation of self-acceptance, intuition, and experience. We have been one another's inspiration and cheering section as we each pursued different wellness studies and goals. As we shared and celebrated our individual journeys, it occurred to us that our skills and knowledge are complimentary. Our wellness paths have come together in the fullness of the feminine mind, body and spirit.

“If you're looking for a weekend getaway with great company, delicious food, amazing conversation, and exercise (for the body and mind), you'll get this (and then some!) at the Living In-HER-ently Retreat.”

Annie C.


We hold space for your engagement at whatever level is right for you. You're encouraged to honor your in-HER-ent self in choosing how to engage with the schedule of activities.  


Each retreat will offer a unique mix of movement, reflection, and workshops. Here's a sample retreat schedule:


check in


grazing table

welcome activities

identity workshop

breath work yoga


grounding yoga practice

breakfast buffet

Intuitive Eating: unlearning

Embodied Wisdom meditation


free time

Intuitive Eating: principles

joyful yoga

cocktails class


game night

moon salutations


sun salutations


wrap up

check out

cancellations & refunds

Below is a brief summary of our policies related to registration cancellations and refunds. Please see Terms & Conditions for Abundance Life Coaching Retreats for complete policy. 

Cancellations will be accepted up to 30 days before the retreat start date. Registrations canceled within 24 hours of booking will be refunded in full, less 4% processing fee. For all other cancellations, all payments, less the non-refundable deposit, will be refunded before the retreat start date. There are no exceptions or refunds of the deposit due to cancellations beyond 24 hours of booking for any reason.


Email us with any questions.

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