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Think it. Speak it. Do it.

a personal growth community for millennials

offered every 3-4 months


It's been 10 years since college. Or 5 years. Or just 2.

Long work hours and endless Zoom meetings now define your days, nights, and weekends. The job you thought you'd love forever has changed. Or maybe you have. Either way, you're left wondering, "Is this it?"

Your college years should have been a time for exploring identity, setting the foundation for a life filled with meaning. In reality, a full schedule of classes, study groups, crummy part-time jobs, project research, logging hours in the library, and sleeping left little time for self reflection.

What did I come from and how has that shaped who I am?

What unique qualities, talents, and perspectives do I have?

How can I contribute to making a better world?

Most people have 3-5 values that express deep, fundamental beliefs about themselves, other people, life, and the world. These are core values. Awareness of your core values is essential to knowing what you are meant to do and who you are meant to be. Living out of your core values creates a life that allows you to thrive.

Exploring identity and purpose is a lifelong process that you can start at any time. VOICE YOUR VALUE walks you through beginning the process by naming your core values.

In a supportive community of your peers, VOICE YOUR VALUE guides you toward clarity about

  • who you are

  • how to be more fully present in your life

  • what's possible when your goals are aligned with your core values

Haven't you waited long enough to get to know YOU?




- validation of personal story

- listening and being heard


- being peacefully and calmly in the moment

- holding strength in a relaxed state of being



- deep appreciation for the enough-ness of the moment

- brewed in the abundance of here and now

These are my core values. They form the foundation from which I operate. They guide me in making decisions. They are the reasons I am a life coach.

It took me decades to hear past the voices that told me to value respect, obedience and security above all else. Nothing wrong with those values. They just weren't the place where I needed to live. They weren't speaking my truth. 

As a life coach grounded in voice, presence and gratitude, I offer acceptance, encouragement and space to discover who you are meant to be. 


  1. Once you enroll, you'll be contacted to set up a 10-minute phone chat. Together we'll walk through next steps and any questions you may have.

  2. Join in weekly live calls. We'll meet each week on Zoom for five consecutive weeks.

  3. Join our Slack community. Find everything you'll need in the Slack community to make the most of this process, including Zoom links, call recordings, action plans, and motivation & support from me or the community between weekly sessions.

  4. Schedule your 1:1 coaching session. You've identified your core values. Then what? Your enrollment includes a 1:1 coaching session in the following month in which we'll explore where your life might be leading you.


  • Weekly live calls - 1.5 hours each week via Zoom 

  • Slack community for sharing, support and encouragement

  • Tools and exercises to guide your discovery

  • 1:1 individual coaching session


$52/week - 5 week commitment

~ or ~

$249 in advance

VOICE YOUR VALUE is for you if

  • You're doing well but wondering, "Is this all there is?"

  • You're tired of your sleep / eat / work routine.

  • You're at a crossroads and struggling to find the path.

  • Your only response to the question "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" is a blank stare.

  • You're attracted to every shiny object and there are too many options to choose from.

  • You're ready to live confidently in your authentic self.

When you don't feel like you know the answers, Danette will help guide you through thoughtful questions to get you to find your own answers. Identifying and closer examining my core values has helped me to understand where I can be most present in my life and where to focus my time and energy.


Action, Accountability, Adventure,  Humor and Growth. These 5 values may seem obvious  now, but to me the time spent with Danette and a few of my peers really helped me discover and dive deeper into how these values shape who I am and what is most important to me. Since participating, I've found it easier to align my goals with my passions.


The questions Danette asks really help you focus on yourself and dig deeper in finding what you're looking for. I am so energized and excited about continuing to discover myself! I had many "lightbulb" moments throughout our exercises. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to dig a little deeper into who they are and what they are wanting to do with their live.


I did not join this group coaching session because I needed a change in my life or because I felt something was missing. I joined to learn more about my authentic self - I am most confident when I am my authentic self. Danette created a safe space for the entire group to learn and grow. Invest in yourself, you won't regret it.


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