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Conversation & Craft Beer

2nd & 4th Thursdays

6:00-7:00 pm CT

Enlightened Brewing Co.

2020 S. Allis St., Milwaukee

in historic Bay View neighborhood

Enlighten Up

Enlightened Brewing Co. is the ideal place for BREW TALK!

Enlightened Brewing's story started with a group of friends who liked craft beer and conversation. Together they hashed out a wide range of topics around something they could all agree on: quality beer.

Eventually, one of the group started home brewing and sharing those beers with friends. Several years later, Enlightened Brewing Co. was born along with a motto: 


Drink it down. Enlighten Up.

That's what you'll find at BREW TALK.

Enjoy the best craft beer in Milwaukee while talking to a life coach about anything that's on your mind.


BUY one beer
GET one free

courtesy of Enlightened Brewing Co.

Fill out an Abundance Life Coaching survey to receive a BOGO card, good for use that night.

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