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VOICE YOUR VALUES | Aldevron Private Program

  • 8Weeks
  • 20Steps


Request to Join, then "Sign Up" or "Log in with Email". NOTE: ALDEVRON EMAIL REQUIRED TO JOIN. Facebook/Google logins will not be approved. __________________________________ a self-paced course for identifying and defining personal core values Core values are the deeply personal fundamental beliefs about self, others, life, and the world around you. They are the basis for who you are, how to be most fully present in your life, and what's possible for you. They are the foundation for building a life of purpose and meaning. Knowing and honoring your core values makes your life bigger, better, more expansive, and more complete. __________________________________ YOU'LL HAVE ACCESS TO CONTENT FOR 6 WEEKS FROM SELECTED START DATE. SESSION 1: Introduction - Intro to coaching - What to expect - What's expected of you SESSION 2: Identity - What is identity? - Identity mapping SESSION 3: What Are Core Values? - Identity Reflection - Core and Acquired Values SESSION 4: Examining Values - Best Self and Early Values Patterns - Should and Chosen Values SESSION 5: That's What Friends Are For - Values: A Driving Force - Hiding in Plain Sight SESSION 6: Finding the Core - Ask a Friend Reflection - Narrow the List SESSION 7: Depth & Dimension - Clarity Reflection - Adding Meaning to Core Values SESSION 8: Make Time for What's Important - Finding and Making Time - The Magic of Compounding Actions SESSION 9: The Journey Continues - Evolving - Connection - What's Next

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